April 18, 2016

Bulk Juice & Wine Supply

Bulk Juice & Wine Supply

Wickham Hill Winery produces high quality wine grape juices, sparkling wine bases and finished wines to small, medium and large sized domestic and international clients.

Wickham Hill has 20 million litres of temperature controlled storage which allows our winemakers to provide for a broad range of wine styles for our clients and ensure bulk juice is maintained at the highest quality control level.

Our experienced winemakers enjoy the challenge of working across a variety of winemaking styles.

From providing bulk juice through to creating a bespoke signature finished blend, our attention to detail, experience and passion means our team are committed to ensuring the final product is realised with success.

The end product is delivered in a timely manner for both domestic and export markets, ensuring market specifications are met.

Detailed list of services are tailored to our clients requirements and provided on application.

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