July 30, 2015

Contract Winemaking

Contract Winemaking

Wickham Hill Winery is able to process 30,000 tonnes of grapes with an accompanying 20 million litres of storage.

With the highest standard winemaking facilities and a dedicated team who have many vintage of experience between them, we provide contract winemaking services for a range of clients.

From boutique labels through to large scale global wine companies, we care about our clients and recognise each wine must be treated as an individual.

From sourcing grapes through to sample preparation for trade, you can explore our bespoke quality range of contract winemaking services below:

Source grapes as per the individual needs of the client based on varietal, style and their market requirements. Qualified winemakers will assess the grapes in the vineyard and advise optimal time to harvest.

Our experienced Grower Liaison Officer will then work closely with the grower and the winemaker to ensure the logistics of harvest and the inflow of grapes at the winery flow smoothly for the juice and wine production.

De-juicing of any white varietals and Pinot Grigio grapes for the client who wishes only to crush, de-juice and clarify the juice to the level of turbidity desired.

White Winemaking from crush through to bottle ready wine. This winemaking process will be tailored for the individual client depending on the style of winemaking required.

The white winemaking fermenters are insulated and each are temperature controlled.

Our winery can do batches of wines requiring the boutique winemaking treatment through to large volumes for the larger commercial wine companies.

Red Winemaking from crush to bottle ready wine. The fermentation of red grapes is performed in our specialised red fermenters, which are insulated and temperature controlled allowing the requirements for longer fermentation times or shorter cycles dependent on the client’s requirements.

Bespoke pressing programs to suit the individual wine styles for both reds and whites with the help of our top of the line Bucher and Willmes Tank Presses.

Blending wines for our clients to ensure the final wine style is achieved.

Whether this wine has been made at the winery or is brought in by the client, we are able to make the final blend to specification or work with the client to create an exciting new blend for their brand. (See also Consultant Winemaking)

Filtration services from Rotary Drum Vacuum Filtration through to Earth Filtration and Cross Flow Filtration.

If a client brings a finished wine into Wickham Hill for further blending or to ensure a wine is bottle ready, we are able to have the wine ready for despatch for the bottling line.

Load domestic tankers

Load export containers

Laboratory analysis

Sample preparation for trade

Full HACCP accreditation


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